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Chinese Cultural Influences on Modern Caribbean Cuisine

Cou-cou was a common meal amongst slaves in Barbados, and started out as adapted version of Banku, an African dish made of fermented maize flour and okra. Few snacks are as scrumptious as beef patties. These golden flaky shells are most notably found in Jamaica , but appear in other Caribbean countries as well in addition to plenty of other regions of the world.

Although they are usually stuffed with a seasoned ground beef filling, they can also house chicken, pork, lamb, ackee, fish, or other vegetables and cheeses.

The Negril

The beef patty is a direct product of colonialism and migration, harmoniously fusing the multicultural flavors of the Caribbean. This variant of the Cornish pasty, which hails from the United Kingdom, combines African and Indian seasonings alongside produce like Scotch bonnets which are indigenous to Jamaica.

Although macaroni and cheese is considered an American classic, it actually got its start in England.

Brooklyn's Authentic Caribbean Restaurants - NYC Dining Spotlight, Ep. 20

Today , macaroni pie is a local delicacy in some Caribbean destinations. This simple casserole dish is made from elbow macaroni noodles, cheese, and milk, and is one of the easiest dishes on this list to recreate at home. In the Caribbean, macaroni pie is a popular side dish typically made without a crust and served cold, oftentimes accompanying fried fish.

It can also be prepared with curry powder and hot sauce for a spicier variation that is most common in Barbados. Callaloo also spelled calaloo or kallaloo is another long-standing Caribbean staple that draws inspiration from West Africa.

Modern Caribbean Cuisine by Wendy Rahamut

While it looks similar to spinach, it has more of a bitter taste with nutty undertones. There are plenty of ways to cook this superfood , which vary from island to island.

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Another rustic stew adored throughout the Caribbean , sancocho derives from the Spanish dish known as cocido. This is another entry that encompasses a variety of recipes depending the country , but each features a Caribbean flair. At its essence, sancocho is cooked with chunks of stewed meat or fish , a hearty broth, and other ingredients, like plantains, yucca, and corn.

Travelers with a sweet tooth will surely want to take a bite out of this circular, open-faced coconut pastry , also called a pinch-me-round because of its crimped edges. It is also known as guizada in its homeland of Portugal. This dessert first arrived in Jamaica during the early s, when Portuguese Jews sought refuge on the island.

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Gizzadas combine a playful combination of textures, mixing a crunchy shell with soft coconut filling. The United States and the Caribbean are inextricably linked, in no small part because of their proximity. As of , some 4 million immigrants from the Caribbean were living in the U. Most Americans equate Caribbean cuisine with spicy, ribs-sticking fare like jerk chicken and rice, stewed oxtails, and conch fritters. The choice to open an upscale Afro-Caribbean restaurant was an easy one—a return to his roots after years of honing his skills on other haute cuisines.

He starts curried goat roti much like his grandfather did, by slathering hunks of goat in Trinidadian green seasoning, a marinade of pureed culantro a cooking and medicinal herb native to the Caribbean and Central America , scallions, thyme, scotch bonnets, ginger, garlic, and onions.

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He finishes the dish with crispy potatoes with green seasoning aioli and celery curls. It was a natural progression. Plus, I want to expose more people to Afro-Caribbean food. Still, for many immigrants and first-generation Americans, first-time restaurant ownership is often more feasible as a franchisee, or in a small-footprint, limited-service concept with low overhead that relies on higher volumes to achieve profitability—and the potential to sprout future locations. Skip to content. My Modern Caribbean Kitchen.

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