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Karen Australian. Veena Indian. How to say heartless in sign language? Examples of heartless in a Sentence Johann Kaspar Lavater : A sneer is often the sign of heartless malignity. Jeff Dorson : As we know all too well, people can be cruel and heartless.

Sir Winston Churchill : To be conservative at 20 is heartless and to be a liberal at 60 is plain idiocy. Sandra Rhodes-Duncan : It was just a little heartless at that point, you always have something to represent somebody's life. Popularity rank by frequency of use heartless Select another language:.

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We actually have a lot in common. The Spectres of His Dark Materials. The truth is much worse than that: as it turns out, they're really Eldritch Abominations spawned from the Abyss, the great void of nothingness between Universes. They devour the souls of unfortunate people who happen to be near them. They're also created whenever the Subtle Knife is used to cut between the worlds. They destroyed civilisation in the world that originally created the Knife. Oh, and you can't kill them by physical means.

Harry Potter Dementors are a borderline case. We never learn how they came to be, or, indeed, if anyone knows this at all, but their presence drains the positive emotions of everyone around them, and they will swallow the souls of anyone too weak to fight back if given the chance. The Ministry actually uses them as prison guards, although some such as Dumbledore question the wisdom of this approach—with good reason, as they defect to Voldemort almost as soon as he asks, since he doesn't impose any restrictions on them.

Boggarts are another borderline case: they take the form of what the person nearest them is most afraid of. The demons in Simon R. Green 's Blue Moon Rising books are just humans who've been taken over by the Darkness, completely against their will. The series also does something of an extension on the the trope by having the Infernal Devices swords chosen to fight the demon armies capable of burning the humanity right out of the user, in essence making them the same or worse than the things they're fighting. Shadow thwarts both of them by standing before the impending war of gods and explaining exactly that.

The gods go their separate ways, and the death Odin was counting on to resurrect him evaporates. The Strange Case of Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde is about how Jekyll tries to chemically rid himself of negative impulses and emotions, but instead leads to his transformation into the embodiment of them.

Hyde could be seen as the Ur-example of this trope.

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Also unmentioned above but relevant to this trope and the quote, the story not only makes much of Hyde's utter lack of any kind of positive emotion or morals, but also points out that because he has none of these things, and hence no limits, he has an unrivaled love for life. It is this addictive sensation that actually draws Jekyll into continuing the experiment until it is absolutely too late to turn back. In the second volume of the League of Extraordinary Gentlemen, Mr. Hyde discusses this with the others; he explains that he's been getting bigger over the years while Jekyll's been wasting away because Jekyll kept all the restraint for himself.

The Beast in Lord of the Flies is initially thought to be a physical threat, but eventually we come to understand that it is the darkness of man's heart, and is the corruption of human kind's minds. Though the Beast is never actually seen because it's all in the characters' minds. They do, however, mistake other people for the beast, one being a dead airman who has ejected from his aircraft above them and the other being Simon, who they kill and who Golding gives a beautiful burial.

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In " The Fisherman And His Soul " by Oscar Wilde , a Fisherman cuts his shadow which holds his soul free from his body so that he can live in the sea with his love, a mermaid. The soul, lacking a heart, becomes evil. The Serpents in The Death Gate Cycle were created by magic gone mad fused with their creators' fear and hatred- their goal is to turn the universe into "a prison house of suffering and death" because negative emotions give them power and prolong their existence.

Unlike a lot of examples they're actually very smart most of the time , and can take whatever shape they want to further their goals, though they prefer appearing as hideous snakelike creatures in order to best terrify people. The Overlook Hotel in The Shining is depicted as being The Heartless in architectural form, if you go by the interpretation that the paranormal side of what's happening in it is genuine.

The Shadowen in The Heritage of Shannara are very much this trope: smoky, bodyjacking wraiths made up of people's negative emotions and hatreds. From the same author, the feeders in The Word and the Void are creepy, shadowy beings that feed on negative emotions, and induce them in people to boot. The demons, on the other hand, are closer to The Soulless. The Fearlings in The Guardians of Childhood , shadowy wispy spirits that spread fear into the minds of children by turning their dreams into nightmares and convert them into their ranks if overdosed.

The un-named shadow-creatures in Lamplight only prey upon those who have become completely socially isolated, both physically and electronically. Live Action TV. Red Dwarf makes ample use of this trope in many episodes, such as: In one episode, the crew land on a moon that forms itself to mimic the mind of Rimmer, who is They are trapped, and decide to build up Rimmer's self-esteem in order to escape. This culminates in giving Rimmer a group hug.

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Rimmerworld, which is populated entirely by descendants of Rimmer who have weeded out any trace of bravery, kindness or loyalty, in favor of all of Rimmer's worst qualities. They're all named Rimmer. Legion, a "gestalt entity" comprised of the four crew members' combined consciousnesses.

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They defeat it by knocking themselves unconscious. Doctor Who The Mara are parasitic beings of pure hate and rage that requires the fear of its victims to survive. As the Doctor learns from a mystic in its second appearance, "fear is the only poison". When forced to reveal itself, it looks like a rather pathetic giant carnival snake. The Valeyard is the Doctor's worst possible future self, created by the Time Lords to condemn him.

In return, he would get the Doctor's body. He's so bad, he terrifies the Master, who once held the universe to ransom. The Dream Lord is more a Master of Illusion and personification of the Doctor's darkness and self-hatred than the Valeyard. In one episode of The Amazing Extraordinary Friends , Applied Phlebotinum splits the heroes into separate beings embodying their good and evil sides although their 'evil' sides are selfish more than anything else. The creature Armus from the Star Trek: The Next Generation episode Skin of Evil describes himself as having come from a race of Titans who learned to physically manifest the dark part of their natures as a second skin, which they then discarded.

Armus is the amalgamation of all of the discarded evil, or potential for evil, of a race. To say the least, he's a bit peeved about being left behind. An interesting example in that Armus is defeated by confronting him with that fact that he is less heartless than he first appears. Ultraman 80 had a whole series of monsters created by negative emotional energy that was called "Minus Energy. The creature forms from despair and depression, constantly cries tears of explosive acid, and can breathe a beam of Minus Energy.

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He tends to reappear in other Ultra Series. Crescent, a dinosaur-bear kaiju, is the very first one and also 80's very first enemy.

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  • Delusion Ultraseven , an Evil Twin of Ultraseven that manifested from the anger of an Ultraseven-loving kid whose soccer game was ruined by 'bosozoku'' Japanese bikers. Plazma and Minazma were the final ones to appear in the show and considered the most powerful Minus Energy monsters.

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    While pretty strong on their own, their combined strength almost defeated 80 until Yullian transformed for the first time. The Shadow, the Source and the Hollow from Charmed. Cole became host to each power once. Tabletop Games. The Shadows from Wraith: The Oblivion.