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US7807074B2 - Gaseous dielectrics with low global warming potentials - Google Patents

If you want to promote your products or services in the Engineering ToolBox - please use Google Adwords. Relative Permittivity - the Dielectric Constant Some common materials and their relative permittivity Sponsored Links. Privacy We don't collect information from our users. Ozone is a toxic gas, even more potent than chlorine. In a typical drinking water treatment plant, the ozone gas is dissolved into the filtered water to kill bacteria and destroy viruses.

Sulfur hexafluoride

Ozone also removes the bad odours and taste from the water. The main advantage of ozone is that any residual overdose decomposes to gaseous oxygen well before the water reaches the consumer. This is in contrast with chlorine gas or chlorine salts, which stay in the water longer and can be tasted by the consumer.

Although corona discharge is usually undesirable, until recently it was essential in the operation of photocopiers xerography and laser printers. Many modern copiers and laser printers now charge the photoconductor drum with an electrically conductive roller, reducing undesirable indoor ozone pollution.

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Lightning rods use corona discharge to create conductive paths in the air that point towards the rod, deflecting potentially-damaging lightning away from buildings and other structures. Corona discharges are also used to modify the surface properties of many polymers.

An example is the corona treatment of plastic materials which allows paint or ink to adhere properly. A disruptive device is designed to electrically overstress a dielectric beyond its dielectric strength so as to intentionally cause electrical breakdown of the device.

The disruption causes a sudden transition of a portion of the dielectric, from an insulating state to a highly conductive state.


This transition is characterized by the formation of an electric spark or plasma channel, possibly followed by an electric arc through part of the dielectric material. If the dielectric happens to be a solid, permanent physical and chemical changes along the path of the discharge will significantly reduce the material's dielectric strength, and the device can only be used one time.

However, if the dielectric material is a liquid or gas, the dielectric can fully recover its insulating properties once current through the plasma channel has been externally interrupted.

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Commercial spark gaps use this property to abruptly switch high voltages in pulsed power systems, to provide surge protection for telecommunication and electrical power systems, and ignite fuel via spark plugs in internal combustion engines. Spark-gap transmitters were used in early radio telegraph systems. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Scientific Reports.

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